Established by Jewish organizations and dedicated volunteers in 1947, Maimonides Hospital was founded on a clear mission: to provide adequate and compassionate care to underserved populations while accommodating the cultural and religious needs of its patients from every background, race, and religion. 

Situated in one of the most diverse areas in New York, the hospital is dear and cherished by all communities it serves. We all want it to succeed in its mission and set an example for excellent care with inclusivity and cultural sensitivity. For many decades, Maimonides was a source of pride and a symbol of compassionate care and inclusivity. 

Unfortunately, over the last decades, persistent neglect and abuse claims have been circulating in the neighborhood. Patients and their caregivers recite countless stories of abhorrent behavior by the care staff and medical professionals. 

Despite a bloated billion-dollar budget and federal and state grants, the hospital remains understaffed and overfunded. As a result, patients face neglect and sub-par treatment from the staff, and the situation is only escalating with no signs of improvement. 

The current management rejected countless local leaders’ and activists’ offers to improve the hospital’s declining conditions. Unfortunately, It has become clear that behind-the-scenes diplomatic negotiations were not in good faith and that the interest of the patients and local communities are not top priorities for them.

The Save Maimonides Initiative, led by community leaders and philanthropists, seeks to form a broad coalition of communities to restore Maimonides to its original mission and take every action necessary to put this cherished community institution back on track.